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Onda Corporation Announces Delivery of 100th NTR AIMS Ultrasonic Scanning System

Sunnyvale, CA - December 20, 2005 - Onda Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of measurement instrumentation for medical ultrasound, announces the delivery of the 100th Acoustic Intensity Measurement System (AIMS).

AIMS is the de facto standard for research, quality assurance and regulatory testing of medical ultrasound equipment. It provides precise six-axis positioning and data acquisition from an acoustic sensor in a water tank, for accurate measurement of acoustic fields. Introduced in 1992 by NTR, AIMS quickly spread to four continents and has become the gold standard for measuring ultrasonic fields. This true workhorse of an acoustics laboratory is found today at most major manufacturers of medical ultrasound equipment, as well as university laboratories and government regulatory agencies.

A boon to the medical technology industry, the NTR AIMS Ultrasonic Scanning System has recently been upgraded with dynamic new version 4.0 software, which makes the job of FDA / IEC compliance testing even easier.

Dr. Arne Voie, Director of Research at Spencer Technologies in Seattle Washington said, "We use the AIMS for production testing for our Transcranial Doppler devices, which measure bloodflow to the brain. Its auto-search for peak intensity allows us to easily measure acoustic parameters for government submissions, and it is a big help in the process of developing new devices."

"The delivery of unit number 100 is a milestone in the history of this device because it attests to its value to the users, through its acceptance in the marketplace. This product is a perfect complement to the whole Onda Test and Measurement product line", stated Dr. Claudio Zanelli, CEO of Onda. "Most of all, this success is also a tribute to the creativity, ingenuity and multifaceted skills of its creator, Mr. Richard Twomey of NTR", he added.

In addition to Test and Measurement products, which include the Schlieren OptiSon Beam Analyzer and the industry's most complete line of hydrophones, Onda offers test and measurement services in beam characterization, sensitivity calibration and power measurements at its state of the art laboratories in Sunnyvale, California.

Onda Corporation also offers contract R&D services for customers seeking to design and build medical devices that use ultrasound. Onda is sought out by foremost medical device manufacturers to resolve complex sensing, imaging, or therapeutic problems. Technological challenges are taken up by a strong team of scientists and engineers who lay the groundwork, and efficiently implement the solutions. Smart solutions are the pride of Onda's services to the industry, as the company's success and experience provide the right answers.

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