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Onda Introduces ATH-2000 Attenuator to Increase Signal Handling for High Intensity Measurements

Sunnyvale, CA - January 26, 2010 - Onda is kicking this year off with the introduction of the ATH-2000, an attenuator that increases the preamp large signal handling by 20 dB to accomodate high intensity applications (HITU). Its in-line "cable-free" configuration allows fully submersible measurements while eliminating the risk of cable resonance and scope impedance mismatches. The ATH-2000 is compatible with all AH-20x0 and AG-20x0 series preamplifiers as well as HN and HGL hydrophones. This is the latest product that adds to the comprehensive suite of hydrophones and accessories.

Please see the product datasheet for more details, or click here to see other hydrophone accessories we offer.


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