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HCT, cleaning tank hydrophone

HCT cleaning tank hydrophone with MCT Acoustic Meter


HCT Hydrophone Measuring Cleaning Tank

Acoustic Uniformity Plots from an HCT hydrophone indicating hot and cold spots in 40 kHz cleaning tank


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Onda Introduces NEW HCT hydrophone to characterize ultrasonic and megasonic cleaners

Sunnyvale, CA - July 27, 2011 - Onda is pleased to introduce a new line of hydrophones designed to measure the acoustic fields in ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning systems.

Wet clean processes have been widely adopted for various applications, including semiconductor, data storage, medical, automotive, and many other general manufacturing use cases. Yet, traditionally there has been no reliable means of measuring the acoustic properties of a cleaning tank.

The HCT hydrophone is a novel single-point sensor to characterize and map the 3-dimensional acoustic field of ultrasonic and megasonic cleaners. The unique sensor design is mechanically isolated to offer a true single-point measurement, unlike commercially available probes that are sensitive along the full length of the rigid probe. This capability is important to accurately correlate acoustic maps to defect maps, all of which determines the particle removal efficiency.

The requirements of the HCT have been shaped by leading semiconductor and data storage suppliers and have been validated for R&D and production use cases.

For more details about the HCT hydrophone, please visit the HCT product page, or contact us directly.


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