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Fiber optic hydrophone, HFO-660

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Hydrophone Scanning Tank AIMS III

Hydrophone Scanning Tank AIMS III


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Onda Introduces a New Cleaning Tank Hydrophone and Acoustic Meter

Sunnyvale, CA – July 22, 2011 – Onda Corporation, the global leader in ultrasound measurement solutions for medical and industrial markets, added to the broad range of acoustic measurement products at Semicon West in San Francisco.


introduced the latest addition to the hydrophone product family at the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium in San Diego.  The HFO-660 is a new fiber optic hydrophone system that can measure acoustic pressures up to 500 MPa for emerging applications of HITU.  It is complemented with the release of the latest generation acoustic scanning system, AIMS III, which is designed to enhance the productivity of hydrophone measurements.  Together, they form a comprehensive acoustic metrology solution to offer acoustic laboratories the ability to characterize the acoustic output of their ultrasonic transducers. 

“The HFO-660 was a natural extension to our hydrophone product family,” said Dr. Claudio Zanelli, CEO of Onda Corporation.  “Our HITU customers needed the ability to measure acoustic fields in high pressures, and an optical fiber approach offers the reliability and sensitivity required for these applications.  The release of the HFO-660 is positioned well with our piezo-ceramic hydrophones and allows us to offer the broadest range of hydrophones in the market.”   

Dr. Zanelli further elaborates on the new hydrophone scanning system.  “One of the main challenges with hydrophone measurements is the collective time required to complete a test.  The features in the AIMS III platform focus on improving the productivity of all workflow aspects by simplifying the test set-up, reducing the data acquisition time, and automating the reporting.  It is a great step towards meeting the needs of the R&D, regulatory, and manufacturing QC environments.” 

For more information about the products, please visit the product web pages at: www.ondacorp.com/products.html

About Onda:
Onda Corporation is the global leader in ultrasound measurement instrumentation and services for medical applications.  The product family includes solutions to characterize acoustic properties in the ultrasonic range.  Onda also offers services to design, develop, and manufacture the complex medical devices for therapeutic, diagnostic, and physiotherapy applications.  For additional information, please visit: www.ondacorp.com

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