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Onda Presents Acoustic Measurements from Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems at Sematech Workshop

Last week, we presented acoustic measurement results from an ultrasonic and a megasonic system at the Sematech Mask Cleaning Workshop in Monterey, CA.


Acoustic Characterization of an Ultrasonic or Megasonic Cleaning System


Wafer cleaning is a critical process that is repeated throughout all the major stages of a semiconductor manufacturing process.  The primary cleaning mechanism for wet processes is achieved by applying ultrasonic or megasonic energy to the cleaning solution.  These sound waves generate cavitation, where bubbles are formed and eventually implode, dislodging and removing contaminants from the substrate surface.  Despite being widely adopted, the acoustic characteristics of an ultrasonic or megasonic cleaning system are not well understood.  Traditionally, there has been no reliable means of measuring the acoustic properties of a cleaning tank, such as the intensity, pressure, and frequency, all of which impact the cleaning efficiency.  This presentation introduces a novel sensor for acoustic characterization of an ultrasonic or megasonic cleaning system.


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