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Onda Marks 2000th Hydrophone Shipment

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 8 -- Onda Corporation, the global leader in ultrasound measurements, celebrated the 2000th hydrophone shipment. The hallmark unit, a polymer-based HNP hydrophone, shipped to St. Jude's Medical where it is used to test the acoustic properties of their medical transducers in production.

Ms. Adrienne (Cooper) Prasad, senior manufacturing engineer, comments, "We have used many Onda hydrophones over the years as part of a Production tester that helps us ensure consistency of transducers manufactured for use in a disposable medical device." She further notes, "Our hydrophones are in use up to 16 hours a day, which can be a lot of abuse for a component as sensitive as a hydrophone. As we created our own stricter requirements for our testers, Onda was able to accommodate our needs, and work with us to ensure we had hydrophones available to keep our Production testing running."

The foundation of Onda's rich history in ultrasound measurements is based on the 2003 merger of Intec Research Corporation and Specialty Engineering Associates, two established organizations concentrated on ultrasound R&D. Since then, the focus to develop new hydrophone technology has allowed the company to support the broadest range of medical and industrial applications. In addition, a suite of measurement instruments are offered to automate hydrophone measurements, characterize the ultrasound beam shape, and quantify total acoustic power.  

"We have served over 500 unique customers, largely in the medical space, and we strive to deliver the highest quality measurement solutions to the ultrasound community. The hydrophone product line is at the core of this commitment," said Dr. Claudio Zanelli, CEO. He further comments, "Today's milestone is a testament that our customers continue to trust Onda with their critical measurements for R&D, production, and regulatory compliance. I am grateful we have loyal customers who continue to support us."

About Onda

Onda Corporation is the global leader in ultrasound measurement instrumentation and services. Their products are used to characterize acoustic intensity and power in the medical ultrasonic and industrial megasonic fields. Onda also offers services to design, develop, and manufacture the most complex medical devices for therapeutic, diagnostic, and physiotherapy applications.  

For more information, visit: http://www.ondacorp.com


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