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Onda Corporation Appoints Sam Howard as CTO

SUNNYVALE, CA--(INTERNET WIRE)--Mar 18, 2003 -- Onda Corporation, a leading firm in research and development of ultrasonic applications, today announced the appointment of Samuel M. Howard, Ph.D. as Chief Technical Officer.

"The creation of the CTO position, and the appointment of Dr. Howard, reflects both Onda's growth and our continuing commitment to our mission of providing technology infrastructure for our clients," said Claudio Zanelli, Ph.D., CEO and President. "As CTO, Dr. Howard will bring to our newly expanded organization considerable expertise in each of Onda's three core businesses: R&D for contract consulting, test and measurement products and services, and contract manufacturing."

Onda was formed in September from the merger of Intec Research and SEA corporations, each of which have contributed major innovations to the ultrasonics industry since the 1980s, particularly in the area of medical devices. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Howard had served as Program Manager at Onda and prior to that he had been a key member of the Acoustics group at Acuson Corporation, where he conducted research and development in acoustics and transducer design, leading to the introduction of a number of innovative products and patents.

Onda Corporation is located in Sunnyvale. Its core competencies include design, prototyping and manufacturing of custom ultrasonic transducers and hydrophones, and associated measurements (such as power measurements for FDA submissions). It also markets a line of test and measurement products, including the OptiSonĀ® Schlieren imaging system which is used by NASA, Mayo Clinic, General Electric, Siemens, Philips, and many other centers of technical leadership. Additionally, Onda provides consulting and contract manufacturing services in areas that include acoustic simulation, microscopic assembly, thin lapping, ceramic machining, thin-film metallization and polymer conformal coatings-in full compliance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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