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Intec Research Corporation Announces Completion of Merger with Specialty Engineering Associates to Create Onda Corporation.

SUNNYVALE, CA---September 25, 2002---INTEC RESEARCH CORPORATION, a leading firm acclaimed for its expertise in research and development of ultrasonic applications, notably medical devices, today announced that it completed a merger with Specialty Engineering Associates (SEA) of Soquel, California. Intec recently acquired certain assets of SEA, and the combined capabilities are embodied in a new entity, Onda Corporation, with headquarters in Sunnyvale.

The SEA facility and its employees are being relocated to consolidate its operation with Intec at the new Onda headquarters. Onda Corporation has been organized to serve its clients through three divisions: Research & Development, Test & Measurement Services, and Customized Manufacturing.

"We believe this transaction is extremely advantageous to both companies," said Claudio Zanelli, Ph.D., CEO and President. "The completion of this merger is the first step in Intec's strategy to diversify our capabilities to better serve our customers and grow into markets such as high intensity medical ultrasound, which are poised for accelerated growth in the coming years. Through a talented team of experts with advanced technology and comprehensive project management skills, our mission is to help companies develop new products and provide intelligent solutions in ultrasonic applications in the most expedient and cost-effective manner."

SEA became a leader in ultrasonics in the '80s under the direction of Dr. Alan R. Selfridge, who died in 2001. Its core competency has been the design, prototyping and manufacturing of custom ultrasonic transducers and hydrophones. Processes involved are microscopic assembly, thin lapping, ceramic machining, thin-film metallization and polymer conformal coatings-in full compliance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Intec, founded in 1990 by Dr. Claudio Zanelli, established itself in industry as a consulting, research and development organization dedicated to helping companies develop new products, solving difficult technical problems, and achieving overall business success. Intec provides expertise in ultrasound and optics design, product testing, manufacturing and related consulting services as a technical capital provider for startups. Intec is recognized for its ultrasonic quantitative schlieren testing systems that are used by NASA, Mayo Clinic, General Electric, Siemens, Philips, and many other centers of technical leadership.

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