Putting Confidence in Ultrasound

HCT Cleaning Tank HydrophoneCleaning Tank Hydrophone with Acoustic Meter
(HCT-series, MCT-1020)


Acoustic 2D Plot

2D acoustic plot of a 40 kHz tank indicating significant variation in acoustic field


Megasonic Frequency Spectrum

Frequency spectrum of a megasonic tank indicating greater than 90% of intensity comes from 1st harmonic


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AIMS III scanning tank



HCT-series Cleaning Tank Hydrophone

A hydrophone to characterize ultrasonic cleaners

Despite the wide adoption of ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning, the acoustic characteristics are not well understood.  The HCT hydrophone with MCT acoustic meter bridges this gap, offering a reliable solution to characterize and monitor the acoustic properties of ultrasonic and megasonic cleaners.   Its unique single point sensing design allows measurements with high spatial resolution to offer true 3-dimensional mapping of the cleaning tank.  The rugged construction allows routine mapping of the acoustic pressure and ultimately determination of the cleaning efficiency of the tank.   



Acoustic Measurement of a 200mm wafer

Acoustic Pressure Plot of a 970kHz Semiconductor 200mm Single Wafer Cleaner indicating near field and standing wave effects


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