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XBV Assembly Kit


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Hydrophone Assembly Kit (XBV)

The XBV is a set of assemblies used to hold the hydrophone. It consists of:

  1. Dual Vertical Beam Assembly
  2. 90 degree clamp block
  3. 1/2" X 4" stainless steel rod
  4. Vertical Beam Clamp
  5. 1/2" X 8" stainless steel rod

The XBV Assembly Set is to rigidly attach a hydrophone to the vertical axis positioning plate of the AST3 scanning tank. The dual vertical beam is easily clamped by a single locking arm. The stainless steel rods fit into a V-block at either end of the dual vertical beam assembly. Optional hydrophone mounts (i.e., MHGL, MHN) fit over the 1/2" rod to hold the hydrophone.

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