Putting Confidence in Ultrasound


AH-1100 Preamplifer Kit

Submersible AH-20x0 Preamplifier


AH-2010 Preamplifier

AH/AG-20x0 preamplifier kit (calibration included but not shown)


ATH-2000 Hydrophone Attenuator

ATH-2000 Hydrophone Attenuator


HGL + ATH-2000 + Right Angle Adapter + AH-2020

A Common Right-Angle Configuration for HIFU

(Bottom-Right to Top-Left: HNA-0400 hydrophone, right angle adapter, ATH-2000 attenuator, AH-20x0 preamplifier, SMA output cable)


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Preamplifiers and Other Hydrophone Accessories

Onda offers a broad mix of preamplifiers to support your application. There are 3 models offered: AH-2010, AH-2020, and AG-2010. An in-line attenuator, ATH-2000, is also available to increase signal handling for high intensity applications.

Please visit the table of hydrophones and preamplifiers to compare technical specifications and download datasheets.

AH-2010 Preamplifier (submersible)

The AH-2010 Preamplifier offers a great combination of performance and features. Designed as an electronic and mechanical match for Onda hydrophones, the AH-2010 is well-suited for submersible measurements with only one coaxial cable going to the oscilloscope. It has a superb frequency response, low noise and high stability. Please refer to the datasheet for more information.

AH-2020 Preamplifier (submersible, switchable)

The AH-2020 Preamplifier is the ultimate combination of performance and features. This preamplifier is also designed to be submersible similar to the AH-2010, but it offers a selectable dual-gain setting for > 75 dB dynamic range. The user can select the setting either by a switch or a TTL signal. Please refer to the datasheet for more information.

AG-2010 Preamplifier (submersible)

The AG-2010 preamplifier offers a similar mix of performance and features as the AH-2010 preamplifier, except that the gain is designed to compensate for frequency variation observed in the HGL-0200 and HGL-0085 hydrophones between 20 and 40 MHz. The combined solution enables the flattest response with a sensitivity that varies less than +/- 3 dB from 0.25 to 40 MHz, which is desirable for accurate measurement of typical pulsed diagnostic ultrasound systems. Please refer to the datasheet for more information.

ATH-2000 Hydrophone Attenuator

In conjunction with the family of Onda hydrophones, the ATH-2000 increases the preamp large signal handling by 20 dB to accommodate high intensity applications such as HITU. Its in-line "cable-free" configuration allows fully submersible measurements while eliminating the risk of cable resonance and scope impedance mismatches. The ATH-2000 is compatible with all AH-20x0 and AG-2010 series preamplifiers as well as HN and HGL hydrophones.Please refer to the datasheet for more information.


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