Putting Confidence in Ultrasound

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Tomography package. A schlieren image is a projection of the ultrasound intensity onto the view plane, very similar to X-ray photography.  If the user needs to know the intensity in 3D, we do the same processing that is done with a CT machine used for X-rays: take a series of images from all angles and then perform tomographic reconstruction. 

The package consists of a bridge that mounts on top of the tank with a motor on it, and a motor controller which is itself controlled by the computer.  The transducer is mounted on the motor axle and it is rotated under computer control, and for each position (over 180 degrees) a new image is captured. This series of images allows reconstruction of the 3D acoustic field.

Filter Cartridge Set. The optical system is very sensitive to any imperfections in the light path, which allows it to detect the minor compression caused by ultrasound.  This makes it also very sensitive to dust particles in the water, which need to be filtered out.  The circulation system contains a replaceable filter, and a controller allows the pump to function so long as there is enough flow.  When the filter has accumulated too much dirt, the flow decreases and the pump turns off, indicating that it is time to change the filter.  The system is packaged with one installed filter and one spare. For convenience, we also sell kits of filters for further replacement.

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