Putting Confidence in Ultrasound


Angular positioner holding the transducer (right) with Vertical Beam holding the hydrophone (left)



Vertical Beam Setup (sideview through tank)



Cross Beam Assembly (XBH) typically used to hold Angular Positioner



Angular positioner held with the cross-beam assembly with clamp assembly



AP02 mounted on 3-axis positioner to support Directivity Measurements


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Stepper drive electronics

Transducer holder

Angular Positioner (AP02)

The Angular Positioner assembly provides 2 rotational axes, adding to the 3 translational axes included in the standard AIMS system. Both the hydrophone or transducer can be mounted to the AP02 for precise positioning of the devices.

The AP02 is configured is used in two main configurations:

  1. Fixed position - the transducer is held by the AP02 mounted to a cross beam assembly (XBH) which is fixed to the tank. This is the more common configuration, aligning the transducer's acoustic axis with the 3-axis positioner's axis. See 'Vertical Beam Setup'.
  2. Variable position - the hydrophone is held by the AP02 mounted to the 3-axis positioner with the vertical beam clamp (XBV). This is a configuration allowing the hydrophone to move over large angles to measure the directivity pattern of a transducer element.


Angular Positioner

AP02 on Stand

Angular Positioner (AP02) and Stand


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