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OptiSon® Ultrasound Beam Analyzer

Visualize in real time and measure acoustic fields in seconds or minutes. Now you can achieve control of project timing and costs, gain a more comprehensive and confident understanding of the system and transducer performance, eliminate the tedium of testing and provide timely results. With 50 μm resolution and high dynamic range, there is no need to guess about the real field distribution. Now in a digital imaging version for better spatial resolution (1392x1040) and 12 bit depth!


The OptiSon Beam Analyzer quantifies beam plots, focal distances and total power from a single image. Power measurements correlate well to radiation force balance. Furthermore, the schlieren technique complements mechanical hydrophone scanning with high spatial resolution.

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Eliminates Standing Waves

Unlike scanning methods such as acoustic microscopy, laser interferometry and hydrophone surveys, the sensor in OptiSon does not invade or disturb the acoustic field. Instead, acoustic waves are detected by Raman-Nath diffraction of light in a transparent medium.

Schlieren Visualization Advantage

Transducer emitting a packet of 5 ultrasound waves

Flexible modes of Operation

Both pulsed and continuous wave operations are available in one system. This allows transducer testing in all modes of operation - by itself or connected to the imaging or therapy system. Pulsed mode can be used in single frequency or broadband excitation to study time dependent effects. Continuous wave operation allows observation of the entire beam at once (e.g., pressure or intensity maps).

Time Domain Measurement

The OptiSon® Beam Analyzer can accurately pinpoint the focal spot and the beam axis. A single test point is required for time domain measurements by hydrophone thus reducing test time and improving productivity. Hydrophone immersion is also minimized, thus extending its usual life.

Computer Interface

Images are rendered in grayscale in standard video (NTSC or PAL) for the OptiSon HF configuration, while the standard OptiSon uses a Camera Link Interface (CLI).

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