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Pulse Mode

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Defective Transducer

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Single Element

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Schlieren Visualization Advantage

Onda has developed a sophisticated testing laboratory that includes a quality controlled optical schlieren system to assist companies in testing and analyzing their ultrasound transducers.

Quantitative beam visualization provides the development engineer with a valuable tool for analyzing transducer characteristics during the development stages. It provides the production manager and the quality control representatives information regarding the integrity and performance of the product that is difficult or impossible to obtain using conventional test methods.

Onda will provide a "first image" of any reasonable standard transducer at no charge, to demonstrate our testing, analyzing and reporting methods.

Following are some examples of schlieren images. Refer to ultrasonic testing on the home page for examples of our test report formats.

Visualizing Ultrasound

Click on image to visualize ultrasound waves

You are visualizing ultrasound as it travels in water. A focused transducer to the left of the screen is transmitting a packet of 5 pulses. The ultrasonic pulses converge at a focal point and then diverge as they move further.

Using OptiSon beam analyzer you can visualize and quantify ultrasound in real time. By controlling the delay between the transducer and the laser you can also capture the pulse at any distance from the transducer.

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